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Remote Access and Distributed Workforce

Whether you are a small or geographically dispersed business, hosting services can be an excellent way to keep infrastructure costs down. From websites to offsite servers, IAG offers a range of hosted cloud services that help manage cost without sacrificing office efficiency. IAG hosting services include:

  • Remote Workforce Management
  • Encryption and Security Services
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Terminal Server Remote Application Hosting
  • Standard Business Applications, Including Microsoft 365 and QuickBooks
  • Spam Filtering Hosted Service
  • Offsite Server Hosting
  • Custom Applications
  • Database Hosting

Cyber security services

While you may speak IT well enough to manage the basics, what about the big stuff, like whether your new server room has enough ventilation or what steps to take after a security breach? Fluent in identifying and solving problems before they need fixing, we are here to help there too. We offer a range of stand-alone services to meet your business technology needs.

IT Consulting

Determining the necessary IT infrastructure for a business is a complex task typically left to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). However having an in-house expert is often beyond the reach of small companies. Our experienced IT consultants are available to serve as your out-sourced CIO, helping to manage and guide your technology decisions, so they best support your strategic business goals.

Acting as your virtual CIO, we will:

  • Assess your current IT infrastructure to ensure it is aligned with your strategic business goals
  • Balance the demands of managing IT costs, while meeting your business needs
  • Advise you on how to best use technology as a competitive business tool
  • Improve business efficiency and increase profitability by automating select business practices
  • Evaluate the long-term consequences of new technology prior to implementation
  • Evaluate network performance, scalability and security standards
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan in case of a man-made or natural disaster

vcio and technical alignment

A true virtual CIO has the ability to take the everchanging information from our technical experts and translate that information into business terms that our clients will understand.

The IAG technical experts study best practices in technology as well as best practices in our clients’ industries and pass the alignment of those subjects to the vCIO.  The vCIO takes the specific personality of our client into consideration and aligns all of these competing factors into a service that is specific to our client’s future success.  The vCIO helps our clients understand why changes are important as well as what risks need to be addressed and prioritized.

All of this effort is specifically to help our clients stay stable, secure, productive, efficient and successful.

Office Relocation

Relocating offices is an enormous undertaking on the best of days and requires a clear plan. Having an experienced team, dedicated to smoothly and successfully transitioning your business technology is a key piece to seeing your success.

From pre-planning your new space and coordinating service providers to day-of moving support, IAG is available to assist. Prior to the move, we are available to work with your architect, building management, moving company and service vendors to develop a plan to meet your moving needs. By working with each person in the process, we are able to ensure that all business critical information is fully backed up prior to the move and confirm your new server room has sufficient power, ventilation and security. On the day of the move, we will oversee and assist with the relocation of all server room equipment, making sure that your system is properly installed and functional in the new location.

IAG handles IT so you don't have to.

IAG believes that protecting your business is not a separate service but is core to what we do for our clients.