My Computer Crashed.


No longer stressful now that you have IAG on call.

Managed Services

When it comes to making sense of growing IT issues and aging equipment, it can be difficult to decipher the A to Z of your technology. At IAG, we take over as much of your IT infrastructure as you need, and ensure your business runs smoothly. Our on-staff experts translate perplexing technology hassles into a functional business environment no matter where your staff is.

IAG ProServĀ® is the custom outsourced IT service for your business that grows with you as your business evolves.

As technology changes and your business grows, we focus on the items listed below along with many others.

Looking to learn more about what you receive with each service level?

Core Service

24 / 7 Monitoring


Anti-Virus/Patch Management

Daily Full & Incremental Backups

IAG is your IT help desk

Onsite Technicians

User & Device Administration

Technical Alignment by Industry

Dedicated Account Manager & Team

Vendor Management

Procurement & Product Research

Security Risk & Analysis

Best Practices Implementation

VCIO | Tech Alignment

Formulate a strategic IT roadmap

Short-Term & Long-Term Budgeting

Trusted Business Partner for Unique Needs

Technical Alignment Officer/Manager

Technology Audits

Analyze Technical Industry Trends

Best Practices in given Industry

Create IT Standards for your Business Goals

Streamline IT Ops & Decrease Downtime

IT Environment for Growth & Scalability

Define the Life of Existing IT Infrastructure

Ensure operational efficiencies


Cyber Security Services

Security / Risk & Gap Analysis

Intrusion Detection

Vulnerability Assessment

Training & Education


C.S. Insurance, Negotiation, and Management

Identity & Access Management

Data Security

Infrastructure Security





IT Futurists

Blockchain Experts

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Quantum Computing

Nano Technology


Virtual Reality (VR)

DNA Sequencing

Future Cybersecurity Threats




IAG handles IT so you don't have to.

IAG believes that protecting your business is not a separate service but is core to what we do for our clients.