Disaster Recovery


The steps to get you back to work after a disaster. No plan? We can help.

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It's all geek to me.

It’s All Geek To Me. You can only say “what?” so many times, before just nodding your head and hoping you didn’t agree to something suspect. While this social maneuver may help you skate by during happy hour, it’s a dangerous gamble when it comes to your IT services.

Understanding where you stand with your technology and technical staff is an integral part of running a successful business, and that’s where IAG comes in. We run interference and make sure all the baffling tech talk is translated into meaningful momentum for your business — so technically speaking, you’re always in the know with your technology team.

IAG handles IT so you don't have to.

IAG Services

Managed Services

IAG ProServ is our award-winning managed service offering. Designed to fit your business as it grows and handle every technical need.

Virtual CIO

A true virtual CIO has the ability to take the ever-changing information from our technical experts and translate that information into business terms that our clients will understand.

Cyber Security Services

IAG believes that protecting your business is not a separate service but is core to what we do for our clients.

IT Futurist

We live in a world of incredible technical advances.  We all have benefited from these advances, but we need to understand that the dark forces in the world have also benefited.